All you need to Know about BCAAs

What are BCAAs ?

BCAAs – Short form for Branched Chain Amino Acids are 3 out of the 9 total Amino acids which are the basic Component of Almost every Protein. These 3(Leucine, Isoleucine, valine) are separated from the others on the basis of their structure which is Branched Chain Structure as the Name indicates.

BCAAs aren’t produced by our body naturally so they have to be consumed through other foods or the powder form which is the most common form available in the market.

All the 3 BCAAs mentioned above are present in every protein sources,so you can supplement with specially made BCAA Powder or you can fulfill the requirement by consuming enough amount of good/healthy Proteins.But in most of the cases we actually aren’t consuming the required amount of these proteins through solid food.

When you’ll compare the amount of BCAAs present in Veg Food with the Non-Vegetarian Food,Non-Veg(Meats) Food has a bit of a upper hand as they are packed with a higher amount of these components.

Benefits of BCAAs :

  • Reduces Muscle Breakdown
  • Helps with Muscle Soreness
  • Helps with Better Muscle Growth
  • Benefits People with Liver Problems
  • Helps you Maintain Energy during Workouts

1.)Reduces Muscle Breakdown :

Consuming BCAAs during Workouts/Physical Activity can lead to Muscle Breakdown as the body runs out of fuel from the primary souce ATP and heads towards the Muscle Storage and depletes Muscles,so consuming BCAAs during these activities especially Edurance,HIIT will help you prevent muscle loss.

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The Mentioned Muscle Loss mostly occurs during a very Intense workout session and not during our regular gym sessions,so if you are consuming enough good protein along with light Gym sessions then there’s no need to seperately supplement with BCAAs,but it is highly recommended for Marathon Runners and Heavy Lifters.

2.)Helps with Muscle Soreness :

Do you ever wonder that after a very heavy workout you don’t immediately feel soreness,but that soreness kicks in after a couple of days,that’s because of Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness.

It’s not 100% Proven that BCAAs directly helps in Reducing the Muscle Soreness,but a study shows that Subjects who consumed BCAAs VS the ones who didn’t experienced less soreness.

So you might Wanna add this in your daily Routine(If you lift/Train with that intensity).

3.)Helps with Better Muscle Growth :

Studies have Proven that you need a specific amount of BCAA Intake in order to Build/Grow Quality Muscle,which is no Rocket science as they are a crucial part of Protein Synthesis.

But that doesn’t mean that if you keep on increasing the Dosage it will keep on Promoting Muscle Growth over a certain Limit.So proper knowledge about it’s consumption is needed.

4.)Benefits People with Liver Problems :

Branch Chained Amino Acids are said to be helpful to People suffering from Liver Cirrhosis.

Liver Cirrhosis is a major factor for the occurence of hepatocellular carcinoma which is the most common form of liver cancer,so in this case supplementing with BCAAs might help.

5.) Helps you Maintain Energy During Workouts :

When Consumed during workouts BCAAs helps reduce Muscle/Mental Fatigue which inturn helps you to workout longer without feeling tired.

Peripheral fatigue (when your muscles get tired) is delayed because BCAAs are used as an additional energy source during long duration/Endurance exercise.

How Much bcaa every day?

The scale varies from 4gms-20gms a day for a normal adult,but the recommended dose is around 10gms(Women)-13gms(Men) every single day to get the benefits mentioned above.


So now that you know how much to consume you can complete the quota through solid foods that you eat on a regular basis or supplement through Powdered form BCAAs available in market.

Foods high in BCAAs :

Chicken Breast100 grams5.88 grams
Eggs2 Eggs3.29 grams
Whey Protein1 scoop5.5-6 grams
Soy Protein Powder1 scoop5.5 grams
Pumpkin Seeds28 grams1 gram
Nuts28 grams 0.8-1 gram
Quinoa1 Cup1 gram

So now that you know what exactly BCAAs are and how they work, you can now supplement with Additional BCAAs (only if you Perform Intense/Regular/Endurance Excercises).

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