Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss: Ultimate guide

Weight loss vs fat loss


Most of the people out there are trying to lose fat and get fit. But they do not understand the basic difference between fat loss and weight loss. There is a big difference between both of them. If you want to go through a healthy transformation, one of these two is not recommended to you.

Picture showing weight loss is not same as fat loss

To get to know about the exact difference between Weight loss and fat loss, let us dive in a bit deeper into this topic. We will also see the advantages of one over the other.

And at the end of this post, we hope you will understand the theory behind weight loss and fat loss. And which you should consider for a healthier version of yourself.


weight loss components

Weight loss is divided into 3 primary parts and is not just focussed on an individual component in our body. Whereas fat loss is about a specific component which is as the name tells FAT.

Let us first see how weight loss is further distributed into different components. This will give us a better idea of the whole concept of Fat loss vs Weight loss.

Components of weight loss:

1.) Water weight :

    Our body as we know holds a high amount of water for our proper functioning. But excess water is being held by the body due to the high carbohydrates and sodium intake that we consume through our daily diet. This excessive water makes you look a little bloated.

Table showing what makes you lose water weight from body

If you lose that excess water there can be a minor difference in the way you look. When you reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sodium you will see a reduction in water weight. This is more effective along with some cardiovascular exercises.

But the downside for this is, when you start consuming carbohydrates and sodium again, you will retain the water back which will make you feel that you’ve gained weight.

2.) Losing Muscle:

The growth of muscle is heavily dependent upon your protein intake. When you train your muscles, they tend to tear, which requires protein to recover and build them again.

But when there is a shortage of protein in your body, you lose muscles. This is because the fulfillment of protein is not completed.

Table showing why you lose muscles (Muscle atropy)

So when you lose muscles it reduces your weight, but that is not something you want to happen. Gaining muscle is a healthy thing to do. And if you are striving to get fit you do not want to lose muscle mass.

So if you observe your weight dropping after excessive training but you are not consuming enough protein, chances are you are losing the muscle weight in your body.

3.) Losing Fat:

This component is the most important and the healthiest thing to do if you are on your journey to get fit or healthier. By losing fat, you just shed off the unwanted layer of deposit around your muscles.

Fat is the most common cause of Hypertension, Blockages, Cholesterol. It affects the body in a positive or negative depending on how you control your body fat levels.

So when you say that you want to lose weight, it can be any of the above three components be it water, muscle, or fat. But when you say you want to specifically lose fat, you are talking just about a particular component.

Now that we know what weight loss is, let us see some further details about the fat loss below:


Fat is that component of the body, which surrounds your muscles. Shedding off excess fat is what most of us prefer because it reveals the definition of our muscles.

When you say you want to lose fat, you are losing weight(fat) while maintaining or gaining extra muscle Weight. But that requires discipline in both the Nutrition and the exercise department. You need to follow a proper customized diet plan along with a workout routine.

Fat Loss VS Weight Loss

So if you are reading this article chances are you are about to start a journey to get healthier and fit. Let us help you out with some information you will find helpful throughout this journey.

So straightaway if you ask which should I focus on, weight loss or fat loss?, our answer would be, ‘it depends’.

If you are looking to shed 20-30kgs or even more to reach your ideal weight, you should not care even if you lose your muscles. Because at that point your primary goal is to drop a few inches and reach somewhere around that ideal weight.

But if you weigh within a range of 5-10 kg of the ideal weight, your goal should be to lose fat and maintain/gain muscles simultaneously. Because if you lose muscles instead of losing fat, you will look skinny fat (a thin body with fat around your stomach). This is obviously not what you want.

So when you reach this point you should focus on building more muscle mass. This indirectly will burn off our body fat. Because when we tear our muscles they are in search of energy that they will extract from our stored fat.

Why Fat Loss Over Weight Loss?

Weight is not our problem as long as it is muscle or water weight. What causes the issue is the fat in our body which indirectly affects our weight and causes health issues down the road.

So if you want to become healthier and fit you should focus on just fat loss while maintaining your muscle mass.

Table showing difference between fat loss and weight loss

Also, when we consider the looks or physical appearance, people with low levels of body fat compared to high levels tend to look more attractive. This is because the muscles look more defined. 

But it is not just about looking good. Excessive fat storage in our body is the root of many diseases. Some of these as mentioned above such as Hypertension, Blockages, Diabetes, cholesterol, and many more heart diseases.


There are many ways to lose fat such as Intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, etc. But as this article is just about the difference between weight loss and fat loss. We will dedicate a specific in-depth Article for fat loss soon. But we still would like to give you a basic idea about how you can lose fat while maintaining muscles.

table showing what helps  you lose fat

The primary rule for fat loss is restricting your calorie intake and creating a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is nothing but eating fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis. 

But does that mean you will just eat less be it whatever?, NO. Weight training as you know plays an important role in fat loss. When you train your muscles they tear, and they require protein to recover. So you have to increase the protein intake while maintaining the calorie deficit.

You should lower the number of calories though carbohydrates you consume. Protein should fulfill a major chunk of daily calorie requirements. The more muscle mass you build, the more fat you lose.

Bottom Line

If you are far away from your ideal weight, you should not worry much about losing muscle mass. The primary goal at that point should be shedding some extra pounds. But if you are just 5-10 kg away from your ideal weight, you should focus on preserving and putting up some muscle mass so that you do not end up being Skinny Fat.

So the goal is to lose fat and not muscles in the long run as that is scientifically healthy. It is also a factor which helps you look more attractive compared to a person with a higher body fat percentage.

Now that you have a basic idea about the difference between weight loss and fat loss, comment below what exactly did you find more informative.

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